Patience Is A Virtue.

Review by yugioh77 on Friday, May 18th 2012
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Mind Lock is a game created by lumberjay

If you are reading this, then you must have cared enough to read my first review. So yay. :3 Anyway, today, I will be reviewing Mind Lock, by the legendary Lumberjay.


Lumberjay is the kind of member that doesn't easily go unnoticed. I'm sure that by now, most have caught themselfs playing a game of his. He definitely has some talent, based from what I've seen in his previous games. I guess you could say I had high expectations coming into this, although the thumbnail never seemed to interest me, which had me on the ropes about playing Mind Lock. While being a highly respected member, Lumberjay has a good amount of features under his belt (With this game adding to his ever expanding collection). I've come to know Lumberjay as a very creative person who brings new concepts to the table. Let's hope this game is no different.


Easily the most magnificent part of Mind Lock. It has gameplay unlike any other game I've seen, and was quite enjoyable at that. The object of the game is to get four yellow colored blocks from the center of the screen to each individual corner of the screen. For most, it isn't as easy as it sounds. All blocks move as one, and in a clock-wise (Or counter clock-wise, depending which key you press) motion, with the occasional red box bashing into one of your cubes. Touching any of them results in losing the game, and it is quite complicated with the genius way Lumberjay arranged them. Skill and patience are both a virtue here, and you can expect to sit at the computer for quite some time, carefully planning every move you make before completing Mind Lock. Cudos to Lumberjay for coming up with such an amazing concept.


Compared to other games, it wasn't the best. It's nothing more then a black background with brightly colored boxes. The neon theme has been done many times over by other members. Although it could be easily over looked by some, it's the only part I didn't really like about Mind Lock. Keep in mind it is simply my opinion, and others may look at it differently. Personally, I think the game could've been greatly improved if Lumberjay added different backgrounds and themes to each level, and made every level original in it's own way. It isn't such a big deal for me, however. It took none of the enjoyment out of the game.


There isn't too much to say about the placement, but I will say this; The placement was fantastic. I can only imagine how much time Lumberjay must have spent placing each object in the right place to intercept the player controlled boxes. I mean sure, there were a couple things that could've been layed out better, but it isn't too often you come across one of them.


Difficulty: ____/_____
Addictiveness: ___/_____
Originality: _____/_____
Scenery: _/_____
Placement: ____/_____
Overall: ____/_____

It isn't very often you come across a game as astounding as this, and I highly recommend giving Mind Lock a try. It certainly deserved to be featured, and I am anxious to see what Lumberjay has in store for the future.


Mind Lock Reviewed by yugioh77 on Friday, May 18th 2012. Patience Is A Virtue. - A game review written by yugioh77 for the game 'Mind Lock' by lumberjay. Rating: 4