Forgive 3

By zas04 :: Tuesday July 13th, 2010

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As you have found at that you are moving to a different country, you have not told anyone, but someone managed to find out were you were going and when. They hopped into the back of the trunk of the car and went with you. As soon as you hear a shot of a shotgun, you knew something was up. You felt something really hard drop from your back of the head to your chest. Blood was everywhere and all you could see was someone taking over the wheel and turning the other way. You didn't have enough strentgh to take over the wheel so you practiclly let some stranger take your car and you to anywhere. You made a bad choice. As soon as you saw a sign that said "Flight to GUNNER CITY" you cried even harder. You tried to pick up your phone, but you coulden't reach it... ...You tried as hard as you could, you finally got it. As you gripped it, you got thrown out of the window. Just 3 numbers you thought. "3 numbers". 9 1 1. "YES!, I GOT IT! An officer picked up, I said someone shot me while I was driving, then took over the wheel, and then threw me out of the window. He asked "Well, where are you now? I answered with a breath, "Well, I passed a sign that said Now entering GUNNERS CITY".So, he said back "We'll get officers to emty every car in GUNNERS CITY for you. "Oh, and one other thing, what is your liscence plate?" "My liscence plate number is F25-662H." "Thanks." he said. He hung up.


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