Ancient Mysteries

By zation :: Thursday May 29th, 2014

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It was supposed to be fun. A little exploration never hurt anybody. Except that down in the old abandoned mines, you didn't realise how unstable the walls were. And now the ceiling has collapsed in. And you're trapped. The reason you went in the first place was to discover why the mines were shut down and barricaded off. Why you weren't allowed down there. They told you it was a mining accident and that nobody would ever go back in. But you have heard voices from down in the mines. And you want to find out what they are. So you made an expedition down into the mines, but now you are trapped. So you go deeper, looking for an exit. And as you advance, you discover that the mine was not shut down because of an accident. And the mine is not abandoned. The further you go, the more treacherous and dangerous this mystery becomes. You want to find out what is going on. The whole thing is a load of Ancient Mysteries. Thanks for playing, please vote and leave a comment. Also, no hate please as you will be blocked and reported. I am making a new game 'What Would You Do...?' to be released on the 1st August 2014. Please look out for that and enjoy!!!


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