Tower Defense Extreme

By zeldanation :: Saturday July 23rd, 2011

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UPDATE... NOW ENEMY HAS CHANGE TO BE GRAPHIC... Another Great Game By ZN.. The Story Will Described At How To Play Text. Weapon: 1. Gun (Normal) Automatically, 2. Missile Base (Exploded) Space Button, 3. AIR STRIKE (Massive Damage) Left Click, 4. AIR STROKE (Supreme Active Bomb Dropper) Space Button, 5. EXGUN (Exploded) Automatically... Enemy: Orange Mercenaries => Less Armor (One Hit), Pink Troopers => Twice Hard (10> Hit), Green HULK => 100X Extreme Hard (With AIR STROKE).... DON'T FORGET TO VOTE, Thanks To Play... P.S I Who Made The Graphic Plane...


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