The Greatr Vally

By zoracreator :: Monday February 8th, 2010

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(Rated E10 . violence. mild language.) you and your friend had a job of inspecting an unknown area. it only took you that this area was named "The Greatr vally." you smiled. It was supposed to be The Great Valley, but you liked the name. you kept walking along and soon you saw a hideout. you explored with your friend and was attacked by some thugs. since your a master of sword play, you killed them. your friend said that he will be at the forest to search for enemy. you agreed, but you needed to find a way out of the The Greatr vally (NOT GREAT! GREATR. YEAH I MADE IT UP) You need to bash your way and survive to the dark forest where you will meet your pal ed. he then will help you. until, find the escape pod. HINT-DONT DIE. thx for playing! More will come!


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