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A Hit Piece On "The "Golden" Fleece"

Review by seanthechinaman on Monday, October 19th 2020

i tested this game and yet i'm not credited as a tester in its description. is my name not catchy enough? was my intellect too much for you?


[EGD 14] There's Nothing Here

Review by demonxz95 on Thursday, September 24th 2020

Hello everyone, this is Demonxz95, and welcome to another EGD 14 review. This time, we're reviewing Fallmetan by metainc, an alt account of futuremillionare who has been one of my greatest friends ever since I've been part of the Sploder community. He actually made two games for EGD this year, Why Kids Shouldn't Go …


[EGD 14] A First Of Many

Review by demonxz95 on Wednesday, September 23rd 2020

EGD 14 judging just ended, so with that, it's time to begin everyone's least favorite part of the competition: Reviewing games. With this being the final EGD before Sploder officially kicks the bucket on December 31st 2020, perhaps makers will want to bring their A-game to create an epic finale. It has been a long ti …


Fwiendship Is Mwagic

Review by beast4321 on Tuesday, September 22nd 2020

Wig1 fam-alama jam-jams, how's ma G's sqawnin'? Ahem. Remember when I said I was going to keep reviewing EGD games until judging was over? Good. Well, forget I said that. The featured page suddenly finds itself blighted by the addition of a charming new thumbnail, featuring colours bright enough to blind a …



Review by beast4321 on Thursday, August 27th 2020

"I SMarT YoU NuB 010010110101!" G'day y'all, Beast here, a reviewer with a serious hatred of all correct use of capitols and punctuation, why may you ask? CuZ I SmARt. Today we have a game who's namesake is the global phenomena famous for causing rage quitting, carpal tunnels, and a whole generation of exceedin …


How I Got The WORLD RECORD In Exploder!

Review by ethan2009 on Wednesday, August 26th 2020

The title was clickbait I'm not revealing my secret. Anyways, today I'm reviewing Exploder, an EGD entry, and a 30 second long game. This will be a very short review as the game is 30 seconds long and there isn't much to talk about, so I won't go into categories either. In exploder, the player would run across expl …