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anybody can join if you join your cool and a legend YOUll not be kicked by anything and talk all you want you can talk anythiing you want and i will vote all your games 5 star created by luluman143

Forever - by cyclone43
Prison Break: Retrial - by nzadamnz21
Stress - by pikmin555
Diablo Dentro - by nzadamnz21
To Courtney - by nzadamnz21
Runaway - by cyclone43
All of my game bleeps. go to page 7 - by luluman143
A Terrible Story Part 1 - by pikmin555
A Child and the Pistol - by nzadamnz21
Can You win? - by y0y0y0y0
You win i give u my account - by y0y0y0y0
If Your Smart YOU WILL WIN - by y0y0y0y0
Can You DO it ? - by y0y0y0y0
blocks 9 - by bridger008
three crystals easy right - by ashmann
two crystals easy right - by ashmann

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