By 238888 :: Saturday March 2nd, 2013

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its the new tutorial i made. heres also the tips. welcome to sploder (and no, im not hired to do this) here are some tips to help you in sploder. (they arent numbered) (uno) stay away from sceptiles page. i mean it. if u post there, or play one of his games, it can start the whole history of sploder (which is bad) to come again. (dos) dont post you can get seen as a spammer and get banned there. (tres) check everyones profile and comment history before you friend. if they curse, they might be a bad friend. also report them if they curse. it would help the mods get him. (quatro) read the rules about sploder. if u get banned for no reason (which is highly unlikely, but it does happen) point it to the mods using a game or a mod talk. the mod talk only happens when ur banned. (cinco) when in doubt, blame it on ur brother! jk. have fun, and enjoy sploder!


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