Doppelganger 2

By jackjoshseb :: Wednesday July 12th, 2017

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EGD 11 ENTRY ------- The sequel to the original Doppelganger (a collab between Elroysice and I), Doppelganger 2 gives credit to Ravicale for the designing of the scenery and Mat7772 for the first chamber of the game. Everything else was done by me, credit of course to Elroy who first asked me to join him on the original Doppelganger game back in 2013, and thanks to Moolatycoon for offering to work on the game, however some work was lost (which Moola may have made), so we're left with 1 chamber from Mat7772 and the rest from me, I think there's about 10 in total. Much more than 4 levels were planned, but due to dying motivation, I have decided to release the game as it is, which is still pretty awesome.


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