Review by markark on Sunday, January 30th 2011
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The Blue Abyss is a game created by palkia6000

The Blue Abyss** is a cool game created by palkia60000.

When i played this game i liked it pretty much, so i said to palkia6000 i liked it. He asked to review it, and so here we go.


When i was playing this game, i found really fast that this wasnt just a normal game like other. This game was totaly different instead of other games i played. I never played a game of palkia before(whats a shame :$) So i was really suprised how good this game was. The puzzles that i passed were pretty good, and enemieplacement is this game was pretty good. This game getted me to top concentration, you need to use your mind, before get stucked. I also thought this wouldnt be an very nice game, cause when you see the picture of the game. So the great wall design suprised me alot.


In this game there are a lot of puzzles. Some puzzles are better than other, some are pretty easy and other are very hard. The puzzles would be almost impossible for beginner, cause they wont know how to use some things to get through the puzzles. Theres also a bit good enemie placement, so far there are enemies. There are not much enemies. But all the explosoins and poissons will make it pretty hard for you to fast far in the game. Whats pretty anoying. There isnt alot of art in this game. Only the walls are just nice created. The power-ups in this game are not over placed. So you really need to watch your health. Theres less lag in this game, only when you blow up aloto f explosion together with poissons, your pc will slow down. The only thing i really missed in this game was action, cause you have to wait a lot to hold your health high, the speed will get out of the game. The point of this is also the few enemies in the game, theres not a lot of fire action.


You start in a big chamber, theres a text in it: Welcome to The Blue Abyss. You will first face a puzzle, doors are blocking your way, but you cant open them from here. So you need to look for another way, and try to get fast enough back to the corridor to the next room, before the doors block your way again. Then youll get through a maze of doors. A lot of explosions are blocking your way, with poisson in them, so you have to wait, if you want to get far in the game. Then youll finaly find an switch. If youre back in the "home chamber",theres a new chamber open. But theres a strong pusher in front of it, but there are doors placed in front of another room, but to small for you. Maybe you can use that allie over there? Finaly you find another switch in the room, cuase you get through the pusher with a invisible power-up.

Wanna know how the game goes further? Play it by your self!


Action: __/__________
Power-ups: _____/__________
Puzzle: ________/__________
Art: ____/__________
Enemies: ____/__________
lag: _______/__________

Overall: ______/_________

There are really to less enemies, cause of that, theres no action in it. If you put more enemies in it, this game will get a higher score!


The Blue Abyss Reviewed by markark on Sunday, January 30th 2011. A COOL Game - A game review written by markark for the game 'The Blue Abyss' by palkia6000. Rating: 3.5