Seanfails Sux Balls

By michael1096 :: Monday December 7th, 2009

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A stupid guy named Seanfails is bullying my cousin, Sean1000, and is attempting to get Sean1000 banned for no reason. Seanfails, if you are reading this, which you are probably not, stop trying to get my cousin banned, because you $uck Balls, and you are a big fat meanie to Sean1000. I'm warning you, Seanfails. LEAVE MY COUSIN SEAN ALONE. I MEAN IT. I put two middle fingers in this game to offend you, because you are a bully. Sean said he won't cause anymore trouble, and the part you said that Sean1000 claiming Wxg stole his account, you lied. Sean1000 said that Microchip123 stole his account. For the last time, LEAVE SEAN1000 ALONE.


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