Silent ponyville lost dreams

By platinumgames3 :: Saturday October 6th, 2018

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Luna awakes with a startling noise. How did she arrive here, in this hospital room? why is it so dark out? where is Celestia? with no memory, and no idea as to why the world looks different, Luna gets up and unwilling begins her terrifying quest to destroy Pinkamena's totem of evil and escape the horrifying world she has found herself in. Welcome, to Silent Ponyville where monsters lurk in the shadows, and insanity pervades every street corner and lamppost. where Dreams go to die. Will YOU be able to survive the trek towards the center of the town? or will you fall as another nameless victim of the entity at the core? can you bring peace to a disturbed mind? or will those dreams be lost to the darkness of insanity? (best played at night with headphones and the volume up high. enjoy!! :)


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