Sploder News Show Ep3 Happy Friends

By tvnetworkgirl :: Sunday September 1st, 2013

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Here is the story. Mai. I thought you were my friend and you would take time to actually read my game which tells all my feelings and explains everything. But you insist on blaming me for jealousy and telling her she couldn't make animes? I SPECIFICALLY said EVEN when I was raging that "IM NOT SAYING SHE CANT MAKE ANIMES im saying why is she making an anime series like I do". Why don't you just chill and try to understand me instead of trying to make me guilty? Toadettegirl.She never ever said she was making a "Sploder Animes"She is just making animes.. just like everyone does! She i s making a tv show. Maybe u got mixed up with that. Mai.I know she's making animes but in one of her games she said she would make a series or or something and it said sploder animes. In one of her animes.Yeah maybe I did. Toadettegirl.I am just trying to support Flowersarepretty. I know how you may feel. Your situation. and your feelings may be hurt. But F.A.P one of my best friends did not try to copy you. She was not even going to make a series. She was going to make a anime show and other people's animes . Hope you understandShe even told me I can't make a "sploder animes" because mai already made it. I said yeah but you can just make them one at a time. And that's what she did. Mai. Oh now I understand! Yeah, thanks. That did made me feel better and sorry for misunderstanding what she said. And also can you tell her I'm really sorry too? Flowersarepretty. Well it's ok. I'm just glad this whole thing is over. The End. Link to timerider567's game. http://www.sploder.com/games/members/timerider567/play/inferno/. Stay tune for more sploder news!


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