.:|WD|:. Solidifying Our Legend With A Review Of Snow Critter.

Review by captainalex on Thursday, June 2nd 2011
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Snow Critter is a game created by nitrogendioxide

Welcome to yet another WellDone Review!

Today I will be reviewing a game by nitrogendioxide: Snow Critter. Yes, I know I said I'd make the review like a week ago, so sorry... but anyways, most of you forum-goers out there know nitro and his talent with the physics creator. Though I wasn't very impressed with Sketch, I was with Sketch 2 UPDATED, and I also like some of his other games. I also see he's working on a new one called Splash (maybe I'll try that out). So yes, expectations are reasonably high for Snow Critter.

OK, I must say I was tempted to talk about the scenery first, because of how good it was, but who really covers that first? So I'll talk about another high point to Snow Critter: the enemy/hazard placement. Perfect. Everything in this category was perfect. Everything in this was original, too. There were spawners that made it seem like the enemies jumped, icicles would melt downwards but then freeze back upwards, there were swinging ice-axes, just a lot of stuff. It was a really fun game experience.

Snow Critter, unlike many other fun physics games, was not actually devoid of any puzzles. It had them all throughout level 1, like you would have to hit a certain piece of snow to make some sharp life-killing ice melt, and, well you get the picture. Also, some things you couldn't hit, but a snowball can... (that was a hint.)

I suppose I'll talk a little about scenery now. Nitro always does so good with scenery, and Snow Critter is no exception. Everything stays with the same theme of snow/ice. All the enemies, swinging objects, everything. It even has some cool snowballs that fall down in some places (which are actually part of a puzzle hinthint). It wasn't all the same, however. The end of level 1 had a nice contrast of red from the normal light blue. Scenery is just great, there really isn't much else to say other than that.

Snow Critter was sort of slow moving, however. I believe, though, that to keep all the other aspects just as good, it had to be like that. Storyline was cool, not awesomely engaging but pretty good, and the character you play as matches it. Well, that's all I have to say so it's time for the ratings!



Fun: _____
Placement: ______
Puzzle: ______
Scenery: ______
Overall: ______

Any Last Words: Nitro has amazed me again, so it's off to the .:|WD|:. SELECT FEW Hall of Fame for this game!

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Snow Critter Reviewed by captainalex on Thursday, June 2nd 2011. .:|WD|:. Solidifying Our Legend With A Review Of Snow Critter. - A game review written by captainalex for the game 'Snow Critter' by nitrogendioxide. Rating: 5