Jack's Adventures V0.2

By captain1234 :: Sunday November 1st, 2015

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Hello everyone I have uploaded version 2 of Jack's Adventures. The game has been changed in the way that there are now new stuff in it including characters, dialog, speech, items, stages and I have changed a lot of it too. The has been fixes in the game as well. Fixes- - Errors - Text - Actually makes sense Changes- - New people - Added new thing - New character - Harder levels - Suitable levels for people - Background I am sorry there is only 1 new stage I was hoping in more stages but I did not have the amount of time and don't worry there will be more versions to come and please check out version 1 of this game and there will more versions and different games coming soon as well there will be a halloween special game coming up but it's not very good but hope you will enjoy it and this game and all of my games and thank you and please vote and comment on my games thank you all! vo.2

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